Patches of the Wanaque Police Department, Passaic County, New Jersey
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Sorry, but none of the patches featured here are for trade or sale. They are only for lookin' at.

First issue patch. It could possibly date back to the 1950's and even before.

These patches were possibly in service at the same time.......

.......possibly in the 1960's and 1970's.

This patch replaced the triangle possibly in the 1970's.....

...and was replaced briefly with this patch.....

...which was replaced briefly with this one which displays the Borough's incorporation date......

....which was finally replaced by this one which held its place until 1999. The repeated changes were the results of either a change in the regime or a change in manufacturers.

This is the latest design issued in 1999, replacing "1918" once again with "NJ" to return state recognition to the patch.

I have been unable to ID a time period for the old style hat patch but it was possibly issued in the '70's. This is the only one I know to exist. But there could be more.

The new style hat patch issued, I believe, in the late 1990's.

K-9 and Honor Guard patches - both issued in 1999.

Special Police Officer - first issue.

Special Police Officer - second issue.

Unfortunately, this one is not in my collection. if you have one for trade, please contact me.

Dispatch patch in service in the 1980's and 1990's. .... was replaced with this patch in 1999. Both patches are now "out of service". Dispatchers now wear the regular police patch with a "Dispatcher" or "Communications" tab.

The following patches are from the now disbanded Wanaque Reservoir Police Department.

This patch is supposedly very rare. According to an ex-WRPD officer, there were only about a dozen or so made.

Although the Wanaque Reservoir Police headquarters was located on Ringwood Avenue (at the base of the Raymond Dam) in Wanaque, it was not associated with the Wanaque Police Dept. The Reservoir PD was under state jurisdiction. They were disbanded in 1999 by, what I came to understand were, "budget cuts".

This site is not sponsored, endorsed, nor maintained by the Wanaque Police Dept, Wanaque Reservoir,or the State of New Jersey. Any simularities to any person, living or dead, is just too darned bad.